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Honors Biology

For current reading assignments, go to Matter & Energy.

  • 6/1: First Version of Final Write-Up for Plant Project
  • If you have any missing work, it's likely I missed it somehow. I will happily take all the blame, but I expect you to be responsible for writing me an email with PROOF that the missing work was done ON TIME. Do not bother me in person. I need actual digital evidence before I'll change a missing grade. Thank you!
  • 6/5: Final Version of plant presentation AND printed out papers of everything you will glue on your poster due; copies of the printed components you intend to put on your presentation poster are also due for peer and teacher editing
  • Brief quiz on Photosynthesis this day. Then we will do teacher and peer review of ALL plant project materials. BE READY!

*This calendar is subject to change.