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Honors Biology

For current reading assignments, go to Heredity.

Also, please put all of these dates into your personal calendar and keep close tabs on the Plant Project calendar below. Do NOT fall behind on the schedule.

  • Topics for Plant Project due on Wednesday, 4/25 
  • Plant Project Proposal due on 4/26: see Fast Plant Set Up below as well as the Independent Project instructions. Begin research ASAP and choose a partner. 
  • Pending approval, your group will plant on 5/1: plant in school using setup provided, or begin your own experiment at home (the exception, not the rule)
  • Water every day (or according to your experimental guidelines)
  • Gather data and write down measurements, observations, etc. on the following days (minimum - you are always welcome to check more frequently, but these are the days when class time will be provided):
    • 5/3
    • 5/9
    • 5/11
    • 5/15
    • 5/17; DATA CHECK by teacher today - provide evidence 
    • 5/21
    • 5/23
    • 5/25; DATA CHECK by teacher - provide evidence 
    • 5/30
  • 6/1: First Version of Final Write-UP
  • 6/5: Final Version due; copies of the printed components you intend to put on your presentation poster are also due for peer and teacher editing

*This calendar is subject to change.