Due on Monday, 10/9/17 for Period 4 and Tuesday, 10/10 for Period 2:
  • Histo-Art Project: BOTH components - the 2D drawing/sketch/painting and the 3D model

Due on Thursday, 10/12/17: 
  • Read and take notes on epithelial and connective tissues; be able to answer the questions on the review sheet from your head. Make sure you can identify all images required, from the three types of different muscle tissues and nervous tissue to the very specific and detailed types of epithelial and connective tissues. 

Due on Friday, 10/13/17 for Period 4 and Monday, 10/16/17 for Period 2:
  • Read Chapter 5 and start applying your knowledge of all the different types of epithelial and connective tissues to skin.

Due on Wednesday, 10/18/17:
  • Lab and Written components of Histology Practical 
  • Bring your finished Histology Book of Drawings to help you with the practical component

Histo-Art Project

Feel free to use this guide for the classification of tissues.

McGraw Hill Online Resource

Epithelial Lecture 1 Video

Epithelial Lecture 2 Video

Connective Tissue Video

Slide Review Video
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